CheckPoint commands
  • “Expert mode”: expert
  • System Persistent config: sysconfig
  • Check Point product configuration: cpconfig
  • Number of sessions and network statistics: fw ctl pstat
  • To see if tunnels are up: vpn tunnelutil
  • To fail a node: cphaprob -d STOP -s problem -t 0 register
  • To remove the “failure”: cphaprob -d STOP unregister
  • To see the status of the cluster: cphaprob state
  • To see the status of the VIPs: cphaprob –a if
  • To see the NAT VIPs: fw ctl arp
  • To see what is going on in the network kernel: fw monitor
  • To configure dynamic routing: router

To sniff traffic:

fw monitor -e "accept dport=22 and src=;"
fw monitor -e "accept net(,16)"
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